Xanadu Interiors is a London-based Interior Design Consultancy specialising in luxury residential and commercial projects throughout the UK and Europe. Xanadu Interiors has a large portfolio of private residential clients, as well as a successful corporate residential division. The commercial branch specialises in advising property development companies, and creating show homes, serviced apartments and rental refurbishments with the help of a Skilled Tradesperson several professionals. Using a wealth of skill and experience, Xanadu Interiors is able to offer a complete service to both our domestic and international clientele, often well outside a design remit. We manage many projects with our clients out of the country, completing their homes so they run seamlessly in their absence. With a commitment to delivering exceptional interior architectural design as well as interior decoration, we can offer a truly comprehensive and individual service to all our clients. With a background in Fine Art and Art History, Debbie has a joy for texture, form and colour. Today she dedicates herself to providing truly timeless spaces that wed elegance with luxurious style. Every project is unique and Xanadu Interiors strives to create an individual look that perfectly reflects the personality of the property and the client. Offering a highly personalised and dedicated service, Xanadu Interiors does not compromise on quality. When creating an interior, practicality must reign, so that life with a Xanadu design is a pleasure and a delight.